Attorney at Law Osvalds Svilāns

Legal advice and services of Attorney at Law

Experience of working with Latvian and international customers

I provide legal advice and services of Attorney at Law in the areas of civil, criminal, administrative, and immigration law.

Property law:

Dispute settlement on property law, preparation of property alienation transaction document, joint ownership management and discontinuance of joint ownership. Settlement of other specific issues in property law.

Obligation rights:

Settlement of disputes regarding fulfilment of obligations, settlement of debt collection obligations and avoidance of transactions.

Other areas of civil law:

Settlement of family law and inheritance rights. Special knowledge and rights to work in the field of protection of children's rights have been acquired. Settlement of the issues related to the enforcement of Latvian and foreign court judgments.

Commercial Law:

Preparation of basic documents of establishing companies, etc., resolution of conflicts and disputes between the members of the companies in the field of commercial law, preparation of international commercial documents

Criminal Law:

Participation in criminal proceedings by acting as a defence counsel and representing the victim in pre-trial investigation and in the courts.

If necessary, recruitment of competent lawyers, accountants, financiers and other specialists is provided. Responsible approach and privacy policy for any existing and potential customer.